About Us

Once upon a time…

All the excitements starts Monday 16th April 2012.

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Our first logo!

Founders Rachel Trout and Cheryl Crow, after 4 years of child minding, decided in April 2012 that day was the day that “Horsted Kids Club” open its door! Great memories and days with the children from Horsted School have filled those years…

And then, after just 4 years, on 1st February 2016, it was the moment to expand and change! The club change its name and logo to “Stay & Play” to reflect the new “horizons” (pun intended!) and on April 2016, our second setting was opened at New Horizons Children’s Academy!

Actual logo!

Have been incredible years, rich of memories and good times and we look forward for many more, maybe with new settings across Medway, who knows!